Yes, you are in the right place

Where analogue dreams come true

Where you imagination is tape saturated

And your weirdest ideas reveal and shine


Murochny is a neologism, an adjective made of "Mur", which is Russian version of "Meow". This nickname somehow appeared by itself long ago, and now it's permanent.

Murochny music is about redefining and refreshing trip-hop as a genre and psychedelic trip as a process. Being heavily influenced by post-rock bands (Cecilia::Eyes, When The Angels Breethe), trip-hop artists (Portishead, Neroche), vintage blues and classical music, Murochny style is quite uncommon. After becoming a certified mixing engineer, Murochny started involving more technical experiments into his tracks.

First continuous sound recording experiments started back in 2005. The 12 years long path of self-improvement, studying, tripsitting and world observation sculpted the current tone and feel of "4 Beloved Psychonauts" (2017), the debut LP.

New release!

How far can the music bring you? Music that triggers imagination and dives you into your deepest associations? Can you imagine a stunning audio collage, where manifold sounds and moods are combined in a fanciful way, where acoustic drum grooves and analogue synths meet live guitars, movie monologues and field records? Well here it is. Check it out.


Want to ask a question? Want me to mix your album? Got feedback on my music?

Email: dmitry@murochny.com
Instagram: @murochny